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What happens in Vegas…

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I’ve just got back from an amazing trip to Las Vegas, absolutely loved it and just wanted to share some pictures.

The main reason I went is I wanted to see Christina Aguilera’s Vegas residency. I’ve been a massive fan forever and I loved the show so much that I went twice.

There’s literally so much to do there, think my highlights were definitely the conservatory at the bellagio and going to see the drag shows and going on the rollercoaster at new york new york, but I loved just wandering around the mall.

The hotels are amazing and you can pretty much see a replica of the world in one city... Theres the pyramids at the luxor, the eiffel tower at the paris hotel, the Brooklyn bridge at New York New York, the gondolas at the Venetian and replicas of half of Rome at Caesars Palace. You can spend hours seeing all of the amazing things the different hotels have to offer. The hotels are all Casinos and most have shops and restaurants inside but be aware the restaurants are more expensive than the ones out on the strip.

I really tried to be on a budget cos of the whole losing my job thing which was not easy in Vegas. Theres a lot of things you need to pull off an Oceans eleven style casino robbery for but there are ways to save money. Most of the hotels are ridiculously expensive, quite a lot of the hotels let you use their pools but you do have to pay and the drinks are not cheap. Theres pool parties at some of the hotels, if you want to go theres reps on the strip that will get you on the guestlist for free. Get yourself a massive cocktail and go for a wander and see what you get offered. Loads of places have happy hours and are just generally way cheaper and for me finding new places are what holidays are all about I’m not really one for staying by the pool.

We didn't do many paid activities as we found plenty to do in the five days we were there and I definitely intend to go back but if you are planning on doing some day trips you can buy a city pass which saves a lot of money.

I went to a buffet in a hotel once and wasn't particuarly impressed with it to be honest. The food is way cheaper in the mall and on the strip than in the hotels and I honestly thought it was better. If you like a cocktail you can get giant ones from fat Tuesday's, keep your cup and the refill is cheaper and there is quite a few of them about so you can get a refill as you wander around. Flights bar in the miracle mile do three drinks for $10 and the food was decent in there and blondies, also in the miracle mile do all you can drink for $20 between 3 and 6. If your a big fan of the hard rock cafe, they do a good happy hour with $5 cocktails and loads of Britney memorabilia. Also heart bar at Planet Hollywood do "ladies drink free" nights, there are a few other places that do these you just have to explore and listen to people to find them.

We went to Fremont street, personally I wasn't a fan. There was live music and outside bars but it just wasn't my thing and I just didn't really feel that safe. We did find a really cute piano bar where you could sing karaoke style to the piano which was cool.

We went spent one of the nights at the gay bars. When we turned up everywhere was really quiet, turns out we just went out way too early but there was some decent drinks deals and drag shows to keep us entertained. We finished the night at Piranha which was one of the most fun nights of my life.

If theres a show you want to see, tickets are way cheaper from the little booths on the strip than buying from the venues or hotels. My friend got a tattoo at Vegas ink which turned out to be crazy expensive and he just had to kind of style it out and pay so be careful if your thinking of doing that.

I really want to go back cos there was so much stuff I didn’t get to do. We only went for five days which was nowhere near enough and going back is definitely on my to do list.

I’ve got major holiday blues now and doesn’t help coming back to no job and finding my favourite shoe got broken while I was away… Bad times

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Sep 17, 2020

Fab pics

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