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Urban Decay Game of Thrones Palette

I wanted to do a little review because I came across this by accident and absolutely love it. I was having a little mooch in Debenhams in the bullring Birmingham last week and urban decay were doing a masterclass of festival looks using all sorts of glitter and it was just fab. The palette they were using was the limited edition game of thrones palette and I just loved the colours so much I had to get it.

If your a fan of game of thrones you’ll love the packaging, it’s like one of the books on the outside, it opens and there’s a decent sized mirror and a pop up castle inside and the palette itself slides out of the bottom. There’s 20 different colours and they are a bit of everything, black, blues, browns, greens, pinks, purples all in there. There’s a mix of matte and sparkly. I got it because I’ve got Brighton pride and Vegas coming up and thought I’d probably fancy being a bit extra but I’ve used it for everyday work looks as well there’s just so many different looks you can do with it. The colours really pop and some of them are so unusual which is what I loved about it.

It was £45 but I got 10% off because it was on offer. The eyeshadows are a decent size and as with usual urban decay the quality is really good so a little bit goes a long way. They blend really easily and stay on for ages, if you haven’t used urban decay before they are the best for eyeshadow in my opinion. Urban decay have brought out loads of new glitters ready for the festival season and if your in to glitter and sparkly looks these colours go really well.

I’ve had so much fun playing with it so just wanted to share it. Here’s some pictures of looks I’ve done and the colours you get. If you love glitter and sparkly stuff you’ll love it.


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