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Take yourself out for date night…

Shout out to everyone that’s survived 437 days of January and the endless “new year new me” season. Every year I’ve made new years resolutions which have been about weight loss or changing my body basically because its the done thing, only to fall off the wagon and make myself feel terrible or set myself an unrealistic goal and make myself ill trying to achieve it. This year has been the first year where I’ve been at a place where I can accept myself the way I am so I decided to make my new years resolution something that will make me happy instead of miserable.

I’m always asking people to do things with me and they drop out at the last minute or say yes when they mean no and I’ve ended up missing out on so many things because I didn’t want to go on my own. I decided that this year I’m going to work on having more confidence going places on my own and spend more time with myself doing what I want to do. So today I took myself on a little solo YOLO date.

For anyone that’s thinking “Aren’t you married? Don’t you go on lots of dates?” I can’t complain, he does take me out quite regularly… To see films he wants to see or to eat where he wants to eat. If we do something that he’s not really interested in he does the typical man thing of visibly not enjoying it or making some wise crack every five minutes. I’ve got friends I do the girly stuff with, if I want to spend at least three months going back and forth with dates in the group chat when one person is free but someone else isn’t until we eventually stop replying and don’t go. So once a month I’m going to take myself out, put myself first and do exactly what I want to do.

So without further ado, here’s what I got up to…

Everyone that knows me knows I love a good cocktail. I’ve been nagging the other half for ages to go to The Ivy in Birmingham and we never seem to get round to it so I decided to take myself and it didn’t disappoint. The food there looked amazing but I’d already decided I wasn’t going to go out to eat, I’m still kind of weird about it and don’t think I’d be comfortable going for a meal on my own but I’m planning on building up to that. I think women have a lot of social anxiety about going out for a drink on their own and I felt a bit out of place for a few minutes but no one was taking any notice. The decor is gorgeous in there and the service was brilliant. I had a candy floss fizz cocktail and it was really nice, definitely a new favourite place…

Since today was all about me I thought “girl… Why don’t you treat yo’self”… So that’s exactly what I did … I had some gift vouchers for Christmas so I headed to selfridges, my happy place and decided what better way to celebrate my new found independence than with a banging new handbag. Meet the latest addition to my handbag family… I love my Valentino rockstud shoes and I’ve had my eye on this for a few weeks.

So after my brief bit of retail therapy I stopped for a cheeky bellini at fumo which is in selfridges, it was quite quiet in there and a nice place to chill for a bit and there was other people on their own in there who had stopped for a swift half while they were shopping. The service was excellent, I had a strawberry bellini which was delicious.

I love the film ‘The bodyguard’ its one of my all time favourites. I’ve been wanting to go and see the musical for ages but the curse of having no one to go with struck again and I’ve missed it every time it’s been on… Until today… I booked it really last minute so my seat wasn’t great but the show… Omg… I don’t even know how to describe how much I loved it. I’m a huge Whitney fan and they used the majority of her music not just the songs from the film and it was a really nice tribute to her. The lead was played by Alexandra Burke and she was absolutely amazing. The way it was directed was brilliant, just absolutely loved it.

I really have had the best day and its been really good for my self love journey to spend a bit of time enjoying my own company… I actually can’t wait to do it again, any ideas of what I should get up to on next month’s date with myself let me know


Sep 21, 2020

The ivy is lovely x


Sep 17, 2020

Love this idea ❤️

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