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My Summer Dress Edit…

This is the first summer that I’ve felt anywhere near comfortable with my body and with that has come a new found love for summer dresses. Every other year I’d have just worn my usual jeans and a t-shirt, maybe even a cardigan depending on how I was feeling about my arms that day, all black so I could be in the background and just deal with being hot. I really feel that fashion and enjoying clothes should be for everyone and I’m so glad that I found body positivity and started accepting my body the way it is. So I wanted to show you some of my favourite summer dresses at the moment…

In the style curve have got some absolutely gorgeous summer dresses, loads of them designed by celebrities (this one is by Billie Faiers) I love wrap dresses but the problem with them is that they come open a lot. This crosses over like a wrap dress but you don’t tie it together so it’s more structured. It also comes in green if pinks not really your colour. I just love how summery and girly it is. I sized up in this cos I had never ordered from them before but I actually don’t think I needed to and I was actually really impressed by the quality.

This one is from simply be, it was actually in the sale so only £7. I love simply be because I always find them to be good quality, true to size and actually designed for plus size women. I’ve still got a few body confidence niggles and feel more comfortable with something on the tops of my arms so the sleeves are great. It’s really light, cool and easy to wear, a good length and the polka dots are so cute.

This is my absolute favourite, I honestly have so much love for this dress. Its from lovedrobe and its just so pretty. Its a slip dress and the straps are adjustable and I just love it because you can layer it with a mesh top or t-shirt and a belt and create a completely different look. The sizing and quality are great and it’s really light and cool. It also comes in white and its definitly a holiday must have.

This gorgeous vintage shirt dress is from Joe Brown’s. I did have to size up 2 sizes with this because it came so small but I just love the colours and the pink piping around the edges. You can tell as soon as you put it on that it is a good quality dress I just wish it had hidden buttons across the bust to stop it gaping. Joe Brown’s are adding to their plus size range more and more but I think this dress isn’t really designed for plus size women, they have just sized up without changing the proportions which is a shame.

Another find from the simply be sale and a massive bargain only £5.40. I’d seen other people looking amazing in snake print but wasn’t sure about it myself so I ordered this cos at £5.40 why not and I actually love it so much. Love the sleeves and love the shape it gives me with a belt. Really cool chiffon material, perfect for holiday evenings and summer date nights.

I’ve got a new found love for leopard print. This is from Matalan, really light and cool material. Good price, good quality, sizing on point and the print is fierce. The top is elasticated and its really comfortable, perfect to put over your bikini on holiday as a beach dress. Perfect for a summer day dress or to dress up with a belt and cute clutch for evenings.


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