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July’s favourite outfits…

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

I don’t know about you, but up until July, I’ve spent weeks of lounging around on the sofa, binge watching Ru Paul’s drag race in sweatpants, a vest top with a hole in and wotsits in my hair. So far 2020 has been a bit of a bin fire but this month we’ve finally started to get our lives back and with that has come the return of the #ootd. Truth be told, I became a bit of a mad online shopping addict in my house prison, so I was well prepared for the comeback of cocktails with the girls.

So here’s a few of the looks I’ve been serving in July and where I got everything from. Loads of them are in the sale now so maybe you can grab a bargain.

How cute is this dress from Wednesday’s Girl? I love this brand. It’s a complete bargain, only £18. It’s a smock dress but personally I love it styled with a belt. I love the print and the peplum hem. Perfect for day drinks or your catch-up brunch.

This gorgeous dress from Never Fully Dressed… OMG look at the sleeves. Huge bargain on this one in the asos sale, it was reduced from £79 to £35.55. It came up a bit small so I’d think about sizing up. It is a linen type material so there isn’t really any give in it but I just absolutely love the shape and the print of it. I’ve only recently discovered this brand and I’ve got a wishlist of basically everything they sell.

Love this from Nasty Gal who are one of my favourite brands. It's in the sale, only £13. Theres a drawstring so the length can be shorter and asymmetric or longer all one length. The puff sleeves are gorgeous and the ruched detail makes it really flattering.

I really love New Girl Order I think all of there clothes are so unusual, full of personality and perfect if you are done with trying to blend in. I just love this, its velvet with a zodiac pattern in glitter. Quite short but doesn’t rile up. True to size and I found it to be a really good fit and its only £21.60 in the sale so it doesn’t break the bank.

Perfect summer dress from New Look (ordered from asos). It’s got a wrap front, ties at the back. I did have to put a safety pin in it but I pretty much always do with wrap dresses. I just love the colour and its so cute with boots and a belt. It’s in the asos sale only £14.

If you’re not obsessed with Collusion where have you been? Who would have thought a dress covered in seashells, butterflies and astronauts would even exists ever mind be this cute. I’m completely in love with this dress, only £18, smock style so it so comfy, just make sure your ready for compliments on it from literally everyone.

So the jacket is sold out 😞 but I just love this T-shirt and skirt together. T-shirt is from Nasty Gal only £11 and I just love the vintage style of it. The skirt is from Boohoo only £9 and looks so cute with band T-shirts and trainers.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fast fashion, sustainability and the environment in general and I’ve set myself a challenge for August. This might not sound earth shattering but for a clothes addict like me its a big one. I’m not going to order ANY new clothes for the whole month. I know that might not seem like a challenge for some people but its going to be really hard for me. So August is going to be all about styling key wardrobe staples, keep an eye on the 'gram to see how I get on.


Sep 17, 2020

You look beaut in the NGO dress


Sep 17, 2020

The collusion dress is 🔥🔥🔥

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