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"I don't get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous" Alyssa Edwards palette review...

I'm a bit late to the party with this review but I've been raving about the Anastasia Beverley Hills x Alyssa Edwards palette for a while and thought it was about time I gave you the 'T'.

You've probably gathered by now that I'm a massive fan of Ru Paul's drag race and Alyssa Edwards is my all time favourite queen. Truth be told that was the reason I had to have the palette and I'd have probably wanted it regardless of what the colours were like but as soon as I opened it I was instantly in love with how bright and vibrant it is. Alyssa worked with the brand to really put her personality into it and it shows. Everything about it is so much fun, just like Alyssa herself. The make up she's done with it in her promotional shots and on her Instagram is amazing but my make up skills are definitely amatuer level so I wasn't really expecting to be able to do anything remotely similar and I was right to have that expectation. But you know, "don't get bitter, just get better". There are some tutorials on YouTube where people with better make up skills than me have got some amazing looks but even with my limited abilities I've got some cute looks that people have commented on.

The palette retails at £46, there's 14 shades and the neon pink packaging with Alyssa's eyes on it gives me life. It's got a mirror and comes with a decent double ended brush. If you're like me and have to be extra then the one I ordered came with a special edition fan and mirror if you fancy trying to learn a bit of fanography in your living room now that your make ups popping. The shadows are all named after things that relate to Alyssa (there's even a shade called back rolls 😂).

The eyeshadow itself is highly pigmented and the colours are really bright. I didn't think I would use most of them but I'm actually surprised how much I'm loving wearing the yellow and peach shades. There's a good mix of matte and shimmery shades and the shimmery ones really sparkle. There are a couple of neutral browns for days when you don't fancy letting out your inner drag queen. I wouldn't say it's a palette that does it all as I personally bought it for the bright colours but the neutrals are in there.

The eyeshadows blend really well and if you wet the brush and use a good eyeshadow primer the colours really pop. There is a matte white in there which is great as normally whites in palettes are shimmery, the purples are absolutely gorgeous and the black is again matte whereas most are shimmery and probably the most intense I've used. If you like to play around with different looks you can get some amazing ones combining the range of different colours.

It's one of my favourite palettes to use and I've had people compliment my eye make up on nights out quite a few times when I've used it. I definitely think with the bright colours it's either for you or it's not but if you fancy trying out something a bit more daring I've really enjoyed using it.

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