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CBD Cream... Worth the hype?...

I've never really managed to find the right skincare routine. I've got red patches on my face which I need a really heavy foundation to cover up. It looks like a rash but it's always there and I've tried all sorts of products but nothing has got rid of it so far.

CBD is a natural remedy found in cannabis plants which is used for everything from pain relief to skin care. I'd read a lot about it, heard really good things and I had been thinking about trying it for ages.

Cannubu are a company that provide high quality CBD products in the UK they have a range of products from oils to soft gels available and kindly gifted me their CBD cream to try.

Skin by Cannubu is a natural moisturising cream containing CBD, aloe vera, lavender, peppermint and chamomile. I've used a hemp hand cream before and couldn't get on with the smell and expected this to be similar but it actually smells really nice. On using the cream I could straight away tell it is good quality. It's lovely to use, absorbs really easily and doesn't feel sticky. I only needed a bit and straight away my skin felt really soft. I can get quite dry skin and after using it I can definitely feel that it is more hydrated.

I'd read that CBD is supposed to be good for inflammation so my end game in trying it was to finally get rid of the red patches which I'd all but lost hope of ever getting rid of. After using it for only a couple of days I noticed the redness had reduced quite a lot and a couple of days after that I could really see an improvement in how rash like it looked. My skin is also way clearer and brighter.

The cream is £25 for 60ml and a little goes a long way so it will last ages. As a general rule in life, you get what you pay for. After doing some research on CBD creams I found out that the amount of CBD actually in the cream varies and it makes a big difference. There are cheaper creams out there but CBD is an expensive ingredient and if you want to the benefits of CBD there needs to be enough of it in the cream. This one contains 300mg so it is a really potent CBD cream. Be weary of creams that don't clearly state how much is in there or list it as an ingredient because chances are there's not much in there.

I've really enjoyed using it, have definitely seen the benefits and just love how luxurious it feels on my skin. I'm so impressed with it and it's now part of my daily skincare routine.


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