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Budget but keep it cute... Primark beauty best buys

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Being on furlough for months, boredom shopping and deciding it was a good idea to take up home drinking has rinsed my savings. Your girl is on a budget, and as I'm about to become a full time student, it's safe to say the days of make up snobbery are well and truly over. Let's face it, make up can be extortionate. I love doing my make up, love the creativity, the self expression and the confident feeling it gives me. I love having a good range to choose from depending on what mood I'm in but I don't love having to practically take out a mortgage every time I'm running a bit low. I've recently been looking at ways I can save some pennies and decided that making some make up smart swaps is the way to go.

Primark beauty have been making waves in the beauty industry with their budget friendly, cruelty free range and they are bringing out more and more products all the time. I normally only really buy high end make up as to me, cheap make up is the cake like collection 2000 orange foundation and sticky lip gloss from the chemist we were all rocking as teenagers. I've also always thought that cheaper alternatives wouldn't be as good or would be bad for my skin. After hearing good things about Primark beauty I've started trying bits and have been really impressed with the quality and definitely the price of everything I've bought. Here are my Primark beauty best buys, all keeping your debit card happy at under £5.

Double coverage matte foundation

Primarks answer to Estée Lauder's double wear foundation, it's a decent dupe for a fraction of the cost. The Primark version is brilliant for the price. It blends easily, gives you good coverage without feeling heavy on your skin and lasts all day. It's SPF 15 so gives you a bit of protection and a really good matte finish. The bottle hasn't got a pump so you have to pour it onto your brush or blender which is not ideal but for the price you can't moan.

Double coverage foundation

Perfect colour concealer stick

These concealer sticks are only 90p, yep... Your read that right... 90p. I use concealer to contour, for some reason I can't do it with powder so I got a lighter and darker shade. There are definitely better concealers out there but for 90p it does the job. If you are using it to contour if just takes a bit more blending and the coverage is quite decent.

Concealer sticks

Metallic eyeshadow

These are also only 90p and for that they are brilliant. They have got absolutely loads of different shades, I've got some of the metallic ones here but they do matte as well. Primark do quite a few palettes which are dupes for the Huda beauty ones and the colours are quite similar but if you are just after a couple of shades or tend to stick to the same colours then the single eyeshadows are great. For less than a quid they are quite big and last ages. They blend quite easily and the colours show up well, can't fault them for the price.

Single eyeshadows

Vinyl liner

I literally can't survive without eyeliner and I normally only buy Kat Von D but after trying the vinyl liner I don't think I can justify the price difference. The Primark eyeliner is waterproof, stays put and only £2. The tip is flexible and easy to apply and you can do decent wings with it.

Vinyl liner

Clean lines from vinyl liner

Luste Lipstick

Sticking with the theme of things you can buy from Primark for 90p. A girl can never have too many lipsticks and they do loads of different shades in these. Don't get me wrong, theres definitely better lipsticks out there but not for 90p. It applies easily and stays on a decent amount of time which lets face it is all you really need. I prefer nude shades but they've got loads of pinks, reds and peaches so I'll definitely be getting some more colours next time I go.

90p lipstick

Luste lipstick nude colour

Beauty blenders

I've really got no idea why I ever paid a tenner each for these. The Primark beauty blenders are £1.50 for a pack of two and there is literally no difference at all between them and the more expensive ones. They are different shapes and blend your make up really easily.

Beauty blenders

Pink diamond highlighter powder

How gorgeous is the packaging. I like my highlighter to really pop and this doesn't disappoint. It's a bit powdery but blends okay and since it's only £3 you can't fault it for the price and it just looks so pretty.

Highlighter packaging

Pink diamond highlighter

False eyelashes

Primark has been my go to for falsies for ages. Can't beat them for a quid. They come with lash glue included which is decent and a good range of subtle to dramatic ones to suit every mug and mood. I honestly find them to be as good as ones I've paid a lot more for and most of the time they end up taken off in the chip shop at the end of the night never to be found again so really why pay more?

False lashes

All in all I've found the quality and range to be amazing and I've definitely saved a small fortune in comparison to what I would have paid had I bought high end. I'm really impressed with Primark beauty and their products will definitely become some of my make up bag staples.

If you've used Primark beauty I'd love to know what you think or if you are in love with any other budget beauty brands I'd love to hear about it in the comments section. ❤️

Primark make up haul

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