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Bottomless brunch at Hart + Co... That is soooo fetch

Let's face it, no good story has ever started with a salad...

It wouldn't be a weekend away without a bottomless brunch, so on my recent little staycation in Leamington Spa I tried the Hart brunch at Hart + Co. Located on Augusta place, Hart + Co is insta worthy, girly catch up goals. Think bottomless brunch in Regina George's bedroom. There are bathtubs, neon signs, balloons and more pink than the drag race werq room. It's a family run, independent business who are all about girl power and top class selfie backgrounds.

We arrived and was seated by a "family member" who went through the rules and bought us our first drink. The menu is on their insta and to order you slide into their DMs with your table number and tell them what you fancy. You can choose between waffles, pancakes, burgers or chicken wings. I went for the waffles and when they came out my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Think a stack of waffles piled with fruit, icing, bourbon biscuits, toffee pieces and Kinder Buenos. The portion size is huge and tastes amazing.

The brunch includes bottomless beer or prosecco for two hours. I went for beer, if I'd tried to hammer prosecco for two hours it would have turned into a complete farce. The beer is called "f**k me sideways" and went down easy. They bring it in tankards and you're never sat with an empty glass.

The service really was excellent. Brunch is £35 and I definitely felt like I'd got money's worth. I couldn't leave without a cocktail so ordered a Bjorn's pornstar martini for the road and it was lovely.

If you're looking for the perfect place for your curfew friendly day out with the girls it's great. The staff were all lovely and so friendly and the place has a really fun atmosphere. Leamington Spa is a lovely place, not far on the train and if you are after a little day trip it's definitely worth a visit. If you are in the area Hart + Co gets a definite 10/10 from me.

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Nov 10, 2020

Omg the waffles 😍

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